At Vative, we take our software process seriously. We were some of the early pioneers in the use and application of Agile Software Development Methodologies. In short, we were using agile methodologies long before it was cool to say that you were using Agile.

We pride ourselves in our ability to continuously refine and improve upon our software process. We are a full service firm that provides both custom software development and agile training services. It is through the decades of practical development that our teams have gained a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in the real world.

Culturally, at Vative we create an environment where we encourage and reward creativity. In an effort to continuously raise the bar, we push our team members to try new approaches. Our software process is no different. At the completion of every 3-week sprint we evaluate opportunities to improve our process. Consequently, our process is really never static, and is a continuous work in progress.


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