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Meet Vative’s Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer – Tim Hughes

tim hughes aboutTim Hughes is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vative and has been involved in the Chicagoland business community for over 20 years. Tim brings with him years of experience from the technology industry and beyond. He is a Gulf War veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Air Wing from 1987 to 1992 when he was honorably discharged. Tim used the G.I. bill to earn a Bachelor degree in Business, Cum Laude, from Lake Forest College.

Prior to founding Vative, he was involved in several technology ventures ranging from an information services company serving the consumer packaged goods industry to boutique custom software engineering firms. Tim’s roles within these technology companies have ranged from Director of International Business to Founder and Managing Partner. The one common theme in all of Tim’s roles has been his ability to recruit and assemble top-tier software talent for the benefit of a diverse cross section of clients.

So far Tim has developed long-term relationships with companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation, Abbott Labs, Pratt & Whitney, and Bio-Rad Laboratories. Tim is a Certified SCRUM Master (CSM) and Certified SCRUM Product Owner (CSPO).

Outside of his family commitments and entrepreneurial ventures, Tim is actively involved in his church. His hobbies include triathlon, equity trading, and travel.


Advisory Board Member – Glen Hampton

glen hampton aboutGlen Hampton has also been a member of the Chicagoland business community for over 20 years. His entrepreneurial career in Information Technology began at Hampton Systems Group, his family’s LAN/WAN systems integration firm where he started as a Novell and Microsoft systems engineer.

Glen served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) as a helicopter mechanic and crew chief on the CH-53E Super Stallion from 1987 to 1991 when he was honorably discharged. Glen used the G.I. bill to earn a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management, Cum Laude, from Southern Illinois University.

The discipline and leadership skills he learned in the USMC helped him to quickly take on a position as the Operations Manager, managing the engineering team and the delivery side of his family’s business.

Eventually the family decided to sell the business to IKON Office Solutions in 1995, where Glen continued on as a Manager of Business Development. Building on the success and experiences with Hampton Systems and IKON, Glen went on in 1998 to become the original founder of Rapid Application Deployment, Inc (RapidApp), a successful IT consulting firm based in Chicago focused on deploying infrastructure projects for Fortune 1000 clients. Glen’s business development expertise combined with his technical background grew the company to over 35 full time IT professionals, before he sold all his equity to his associate partners.

Continuing to capitalize on his experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Glen is now in the process of repeating his successful career as the founder and President of Equilibrium IT Solutions, Inc.


The Ingredient to Success

At Vative, our people are the most important ingredient to our success.

We have a strong belief that in the field of software development, not everyone is created equal. Over the years we have seen an exponential variance in both productivity and the speed of learning new technologies between average and top-tier software professionals.

Our entire business model is supported by this fact. We have a rigorous screening process and build software teams comprised only of top-tier software professionals. We pride ourselves in being “the best of the best” - the “Navy Seals” of software engineering.

Talented and Trained Top-Tier Professionals

brain functionAt Vative, the number one reason our people love working for us is because of the caliber of talent they get to be a part of.

All of our software professionals are highly trained and experienced in using agile software development methodologies and are certified in SCRUM. Some of our software professionals were even involved in several of the original projects that utilized Extreme Programming (XP) best practices in the late ‘90s.

In addition to being top-tier software professionals, our people have decades of experience working across a diverse cross section of vertical markets. Common themes in the majority of our projects are complexity, evolving requirements, and time to market pressure.

We also have experience working on complex projects in highly regulated industries (e.g. the FDA and FAA). Several of our larger scale enterprise projects have been a component of a larger package that received FDA approval.


Work-Life Balance

work life balanceThe foundation of our company culture is balance.

We do everything in our power to foster an environment that encourages and supports a balanced personal and professional life. We believe that happy employees usually make the most productive and creative employees, and that the most productive and creative employees maximize client satisfaction.

Giving Back

At Vative, we realize that we are only a small piece of a much larger world. We pride ourselves in our commitment to giving back to our community. A percentage of our annual profits go towards supporting global charitable organizations such as Operation Shoe Box and Feed My Starving Children.

We also support our local community by participating in a Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive and Operation Christmas every year.

And Absorbing More

The cornerstone of our professional culture is continuous learning. In the fast paced world of software engineering, it is critical that our employees stay on top of the latest technological developments and we foster an environment that encourages and supports knowledge sharing across our teams.

All of our employees are expected to take personal responsibility for their professional development. Each employee is expected to share their professional development with the other team members. This type of culture allows individual team members to benefit from the collective professional development of the larger group.

We maintain a professional, yet open and relaxed office culture that fosters continuous learning. Whatever new technology, software, methods or ideas are out there, we’re ready to master them.


Rigorous Screening Process

At Vative, we use an extensive screening process and hire not average, not good, not even great, but top-tier software professionals.

As part of our screening process you will be expected to undergo a cognitive assessment. We use the Wonderlic assessment, which is one of the most widely respected cognitive ability tests in the world. After the Wonderlic assessment you will undergo a comprehensive cultural fit interview, as well as a comprehensive technical team interview.

At the end of the interview process you will probably be exhausted, but we should both have a good feel for whether or not Vative is the right place for you.



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