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Vative is a professional services firm that specializes in custom software development.  Our most important ingredient is our people, the “Navy SEALs” of software engineering.  We have an extremely rigorous screening process and we only hire the “best of the best”.  We then take our elite people and build project teams ranging in size from five to nine people.  Our project teams use an iterative development methodology called SCRUM.  Depending upon our client’s project needs, we deploy one or more of our SCRUM teams to accomplish the mission.


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Custom Software Development

At Vative pride ourselves on assembling the best software engineers available to develop custom software applications for our clients. As the “Navy SEALs” of software engineering, we employ an extremely rigorous screening process that results in only hiring the “best of the best.” After our scrutinizing process, we build one or more project teams of approximately five to nine people. These teams are carefully selected, and allow us to continue to be proficient at software development in a wide range of industries, including: industrial automation, aerospace & defense, medical diagnostics, chemicals, consumer packaged goods, insurance, and banking.

A Personal Touch

The beauty of the design of our SCRUM teams is that we are able to directly respond to each and every one of our clients’ needs. Their size, along with our agile training process allow us to quickly adapt and respond to change. At the conclusion of each three week sprint, we deliver and demo working software to our client. Each of these three week sprints allows us time to enhance, tweak, and improve the product based on the client’s feedback.

The Developing & Sharpening Process

At the onset of our creative process we receive the high-level product requirements from the client and build a product backlog. From there we create and build critical slices of the product which we then demo for the client. The demo is a learning tool for our team as much as it is for our client, enabling them to sharpen their focus and determine precisely what it is they need – while also allowing our team to capture a list of opportunities for improvement.

Concrete Experience and Ability

For the past two decades, we have closely refined our methodology to make it as streamlined and effective as possible. Unlike the “detailed requirements up-front” approach commonly used by other companies, our strategy mitigates the risk of missing the mark on projects, while simultaneously helping our clients realize what they really need. The setup of the sprints allows us to consistently meet the needs and requirements of our clients, even as those needs change and evolve over time.

Knowledgeable Across Multiple Industries

Our team of elite software professionals are primed and prepared to tackle software projects from a vast array of industries. We select from the upper echelon of software engineers to ensure that only the best work is performed on each project. In addition to building software for our clients, our methodology is so effective that we have served as consultants to other teams who are already building software. Companies come to us to learn our SCRUM process, and learn how we do what we do best. We specialize in developing software that matters, software that is life-critical or business-critical.



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